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The term CRIMINOLOGY was coined by the Italian jurist Raffaele Garofalo (18 November 1851, 18 April, 1934). In 1885, the Criminology was published at the Brothers Bocca Editori of Turin. Study on the crime, its causes and the means of repression. In the University of Turin Cesare Lombroso (6 November 1835 - 19 October 1909), the father of Criminal Anthropology, he was Professor of Public Hygiene and Legal Medicine, Psychiatry and Criminal Anthropology. The "Cesare Lombroso" Museum of Criminal Anthropology, founded by him, has been active since 1876 at the University of Turin. Today Turin is the city of Italy with the highest concentration of training activities dedicated to Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Forensics and Investigation. A multi-level program of in-depth study and dissemination in various parts of the city, in which Italian and international speakers propose meetings, conferences, workshops and moments of cultural study, shows and reviews on the topic. An event designed for a differentiated and intergenerational public, which is what the festival is aimed at.